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Group Of Business People Sitting Around Table
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Business setup
  • Setting up and register legal entities in Hungary (Kft, Bt, Zrt)

  • Headoffice address service

  • Real estate buying and selling

  • Editing contracts, opinion on contracts

  • Modification of legal entities

  • Compulsory lettering adderss service (delivery agent)

  • Bulild up your local team supported by our HR service

Business relocation


  • Expand business with new filial

  • Relocate business with home team

  • Support in certification

  • Build up your local team

  • Visa management

  • Bulild up your local team supported by our HR service

  • Ad hoc Representation Offices

  • Preparation of personal income tax returns (in the case of individuals and companies for referral)

  • Regulations and accounting policies Development

  • Reporting to various authorities

  • Record Set

  • Billing / Invoicing

  • Outsourcing (payroll and labor supply, external regent)

  • Financial due diligence

  • Credit Applications compilation

Legal Handshake
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Aerial View of Distribution Center
Legal consulting


  • Company law

  • Real estate law

  • Immigration law

  • Mangaging the contractual risks

Business development
  • Market research

  • Technology research

  • Build up your business network

  • Run your business in the region

  • Bulild up your local team supported by our HR service

  • are you looking for new market for your product?

  • we are continously looking for new distribution possibilities in field of construction products.

  • we have the market knowledge, the infractructure

  • keep contact today and start the prosperous discussion